Sniglets Starting With The Letter 'D'

darf (darf) n. The least attractive side of a Christmas tree that ends up facing the wall.
digitritus (dij ih TREE tus) n. Deposits found between the links of a watchband.
dillrelict (dil REL ikt) n. The last pickle in the jar that avoids all attempts to be captured.
dimp (dimp) n. A person who insults you in a cheap department store by asking "do you work here?"
dipwavers (DIP way vurz) n. People who raise their hands when riding on roller coasters.
dognut (DAWG nut) n. The giant nut on the side of a fire hydrant.
doork (dawrk) n. A person who always pushes on a door marked "pull" or vice versa.
downpause (DOWN pawz) n. The split second of dry weather experienced when driving under an overpass during a storm.
droot (drewt) n. A Dorito when an unnatural fold in it.
drylowgraphs (DRY loh grafs) n. Strange, unitelligle symbols that accomany the washing instructions on clothing labels.