Sniglets Starting With The Letter 'F'

ferroles (FER olz) n. The holes in the bottom of a steam iron.
fetchplex (FECH pleks) n. State of momentary confusion in a dog whose owner has faked throwing the ball and palmed it behind his back.
fictate (FIK tayt) v. To inform a television or screen character of impending danger under the assumption that they can hear you.
finnage (FIN aj) n. The act of watching your money swallowed up as your groceries ride the conveyor belt at the supermarket.
flarpswitch (FLARP swich) n. The one light switch in every house with no function whatsoever.
flimps (flimps) n. People, usually observed in waiting rooms, who have advanced the Evelyn Wood technique to the point where they can flip through a magazine without ever looking down from the clock.
flintstep (FLINT step) v. To wind up one's feet before running away in fear. Common among cartoon characters.
flurrant (FLUHR uhnt) n. The one leaf that always clings to the end of the rake no matter how hard you try to shake it off.
famamage (fa MAM aj) v. To eliminate any annoying engine noise by simply turning up the volume on the radio.
fods (fahdz) n. Couples at amusement parks who wear identical t-shirts, presumably to keep from getting lost.
foys (foyz) n. Missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that you later find stuck to the underside of your arm.
frankfluid (frank FLEW id) n. The liquid at the bottom of hot dog packages.
frustra (FRUS trah) n. The special plastic used in the manufacture of fast food ketchup packets.
fuffle (FUH ful) v. To assume, when dining out, that you are making things easier on the waitress by using the phrase "when you get a chance..."
furbula (FER byew luh) n. The designated chewing area on a dog's back.