Sniglets Starting With The Letter 'G'

gangloot (GAN glewt) n. Person who leaves all his ski passes on his jacket just to impress people.
gapiana (ga pee AH nah) n. The unclaimed strip of land between the "you are now leaving" and "welcome to" signs when crossing state lines.
gazinta (gah ZIN tuh) n. Mathematical symbol for division; also the sound uttered when dividing out loud. (Example: "Four gazinta eight twice.")
gibble (JIB buhl) n. The sliding keyhole cover on a car trunk.
gizzledipplers (GIH zul dip lurz) n. Those annoying waving hands seen on the backs of Winnebagos, placed there by people too lazy to be friendly on their own.
glamp (glamp) n. The telescopic device used to retrieve golf balls from ponds.
glute (glewt) v. To shake a sugar packet vigorously so as to move the contents to the bottom before tearing open.
grantnap (GRANT nap) n. The extra five minutes of sleep you allow yourself that somehow makes all the difference in the world.
greedling (GREE dling) v. Pretending to read the inscription on the birthday card when you really just want to know how much the check is for.
grintiger (GRIN tuh jer) n. The numbered code on the back of a greeting card that, when deciphered, reveals the price.
gummerator (GUM urh ay ter) n. The pointed rubber object on the end of some toothbrushes.
gyroped (JY roh ped) n. A kid who cannot resist spinning around on a diner stool.