Sniglets Starting With The Letter 'P'

pajangle (pah JAN gul) n. Condition of waking up with your pajamas turned 180 degrees.
pedaeration (ped air AY shun) n. Perfect body heat achieved by having one leg under the sheet and one hanging off the edge of the bed.
peppier (pehp ee AY) n. The waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want ground pepper.
percambulate (pur KAM byew layt) v. The tendency of fitted sheets to lose their grip and roll up the mattress.
percussive accordian-trombone (p.a.t.) method (pee ay tee METH uhd) n. Standard approach to preparing a straw for use. Consists of driving it sharply downward against a table top, thus causing the wrapper to rip open and achieve and "accordian" effect. The user then brings the exposed end of the straw to his mouth and blows the wrapper across the room.
permapression (PUR muh preh shun) n. The discovery that there is no real difference in the various cycles of your washing machine.
petonic (peh TON ik) adj. One who is embarassed to undress in front of a household pet.
philopologist (fil ah PAHL ah jist) n. A specialist who loads people onto amusement rides.
pielibrium (py LIH bree uhm) n. The point at which the crust on a wedge of pie outweighs the filling and tips it over.
piepushers (PY puh shurz) n. Attendants at fast food restaurants who, no matter what you order, try to unload apple or cherry turnovers on you.
piewagon (PY wa gun) n. The small vehicle that carries game pieces around a Trivial Pursuit board.
pigslice (PIG slys) n. The last unclaimed piece of pizza that everyone is secretly dying for.
pockalanche (POK uh lansh) n. Perpetual action of reaching down to pick up an item fallen from a shirt pocket, only to have another item fall out.
polarind (POH luh rynd) n. The peeling on a Polaroid snapshot.
porcelator (PAWR suh lay tawr) n. The hole near the rim of the bathroom sink.
posicro (PAH sih kro) n. The magnetic or "charged" strip of velcro. (See neucro)
postalports (POH stuhl pawrtz) n. The annoying windows in envelopes that never line up with the address.
premaderci (pree muh DAYR chee) n. The act of saying goodbye to someone, then running into him again moments later. Usually accompanied by a lame quip such as "you folling me?"
premail (PREE mayl) n. Mail that is placed behind the visor in the car and left for several months before it is finally sent.
pretzaline (pret sah LEEN) n. The salt deposit at the bottom of a bag of pretzels.
primpo (PRIM po) n. A person who passes a mirror then has to step back, presumably to reassure himself he still exists.
p-spot (PEE spaht) n. The area directly above the urinal in public restrooms that men stare at, knowing a glance in any other direction would arouse suspicion.
pulpid (PUHL pid) n. A kid who enjoys the packaging, carton, or box more than the item that came in it.
pulpularity (puhl pyew LAHR ih tee) n. Molecular property of newspaper clippings that allows them to tear evenly north to south but jaggedly east to west.
puntificate (puhn TIH fih kayt) v. To try to predict in what direction a football will bounce after hitting the ground.
pupsqueak (PUHP skweek) n. The sound a yawning dog emits when it opens its mouth too wide.